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S.I.N is a cyberpunk/thriller visual novel that places emphasis on your choices and the relationships you build. Light RPG elements help enhance the cyberpunk world S.I.N takes place in.

Interrogate a murderer, extract the needed information and don’t fall victim to her lies. But remember, your choices matter...Choose your questions wisely.

So what will you believe?

There are 2 timelines you get to venture through as the player. There is PRESENT DAY and the PAST. In each timeline you will play as a different character. Make sure you collect as much information possible, the outcome of the interrogation depends on it.


Play as Lacey Bennett

  • Choose the questions you ask the suspect very carefully. Every choice has consequences; some better than others.

Question Adeline Evrard

Adeline is accused of committing multiple murders. She has remained silent during her entire captivity with the D.A.C.  It is your job to get her to speak and finally confess to her crimes. She is manipulative and cunning. Trust nothing she says. 


Play as Adeline Evrard (The Suspect) in the past timeline.

As you play in the past, trying to uncover the truth behind Adeline's crimes, you (the player) will be given opportunities to see events from different perspectives.  Build trust between characters to discover unseen truths, but if you prove yourself to be untrustworthy then things can take a turn for the worse. 

Make allies and unlock the ability to play multiple characters to gain alternate perspectives of the story to discover the truth.


  • Light RPG elements throughout the entire game.
  • Point and Click options to search backgrounds and new locations.


Demo will contain the following: Gore, Crude Humor, Disturbing Imagery, and  Flashing lights that may trigger seizures.

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HOho How is it going ? It there any updates or is there away I can support your work ?

This looks wonderful so far. The art assets are stunning! Good luck to you on your plans for Kickstarter from one struggling Mommy-dev to another! :)

Thank you so much! I'm hoping for the best, either way it is a fun and ambitious project. XD So lovely to know another mommy VN maker! <3 The struggle is real! (BTW, have to comment and say how much I love the art in Queen's Crown <3)

Haha, thanks. I'll pass your compliments along to the artists! ;)